Nov 21, 2006

one of my best friends from college, two years my junior, is pregnant. she's pregnant! and her two best friends are also pregnant, plus one of their sisters. and my boss just had a baby a week ago and my sister just had a baby a month ago, and someone else at work is pregnant, and a good friend's sister is pregnant with TWINS and i feel like i'm dwelling on this too much but i'm getting a little weirded out. i'm feeling out of the loop and i'm strangely jealous, not because i want a baby because god knows that i have no desire to handle THAT right now, but because if everyone else is doing it, i want in. it's like a secret society of reproducing women all around me and it makes my insides all smooshy. it's a middle child syndrome thing, older friends and younger friends are all having babies, and i'm stuck in the middle a little lost and not ready but jealous all the same. is that weird? now, nearly our entire regular social circle is child-less, but that almost makes it worse. it is all people i don't spend regular time with which makes it all that much more mysterious. it's interesting to reflect on how your environment can influence your life choices so dramatically. i'm rambling because i'm happy and excited and also feeling left out at the same time. but that's ok.

and i'm getting ready to host thanksgiving for the first time in my new home. i hosted last year for 6, which went of wonderfully except when the oven died as i pulled the just finished turkey from it. the toaster oven didn't really work all that well on the rolls, but our downstairs neighbor allowed the 3 inches of room in her oven to save our stuffing. i'm altering a few recipes this year, inviting a few more people, and am fretting over my simple yet delicious decisions. i feel the need to step it up, but if i'm going to i need to figure it out fast.

i'm making:
butternut squash and pumpkin soup
a 20 pound turkey spiced with orange and cinnamon
apple sage cornbread stuffing
maple sage roasted sweet potatoes
caramelized brussel sprouts
moroccan carrot salad
ginger apple pie

they're making:
rolls (in the oven this itme)
orange cranberry sauce
garlic mashed potatoes
goat cheese rice stuffing
pumpkin creme brulee (yum.)

i plan to document, and post a few photos and recipes here.

happy thanksgiving, everyone!


kim said...

I get you with the baby thing. it hasn't hit my family yet, but many of my friends are either pregnant or just had babies. But for me it's weird being the only one of our "couple friends" not having babies. It changes the dynamic quite a bit. I'm at the age where I know we should be planning it, but I'm just not ready to make the sacrifice. But when i see, hold or smell baby, I melt.

your thanksgiving meal sounds delish. I've been craving thanksgiving food all week! You'll have to tell me how the pumpkin creme brule goes, sounds out of this world!

Happy Turkey Day!

Hillary said...

i think your food will be better than deb's...what time are you eating again? ;)