Dec 13, 2006

wow, so two weeks go by and i forget all about the internet. i've been busy. very very busy. i have been shopping, baking (yay!), getting over the flu (boo!) and making crafts for christmas. the other night i made an adorable stuffed felt christmas tree, complete with tiny strands of bead lights and glass ornaments. i will take photos tonight. i want to hug it and kiss it, it's so cute.

i'm usually way ahead of the game when it comes to christmastime, but this year i've been seriously slacking. i have most of my shopping done, but i still have two teddies to sew, a few snowman/penguin ornament families to assemble, and lots of biscotti to bake. (yes, i attempted biscotti last weekend and it is, in a word, CRAZYDELICIOUS. recipe to follow at the uneducated chef shortly.) i waited too long to get my tins and bags, and now i can't find cute packaging anywhere, so it will have be unpretentious parchment paper and twine. but that's more than ok by me, actually. i have yet to find anything at all for the hubb. we agreed on no gifts but he's already broken the rule so i have to now, too. what to get? i have not a clue.

i saw sean lennon last night at the park west. it was nice to be able to sit, and have my drinks brought to me, and not choke on cigarette smoke. sean had a cold, so his voice was off and he had to switch harmonies with the guitar player at one point, and he left the stage in a hurry in the middle of the encore, but it was a good show nonetheless. he has a soothing singing voice, even when phlegmy and tired, and it relaxed me. and best of all i was in bed and snoozing by 11pm.

the best news today: my house is finally being finished! workers have been invading my home for the last two days touching up paint, fixing closet doors and shelves, grouting, calking, and making my jacuzzi tub work. it should all be done by the end of the week, and then all we'll have to wait for is the storage space. i'm getting tired of seeing my boxes and bicycles in the hallways corners of my house.

back to the busy-ness. i'll try not to wait so long to update next time.

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