Apr 26, 2007

- so i sort of accidentally gave up on my 365 days project...i haven't taken a photo at all this week. i made it to day 101, only missing 4 photos in the process. that's roughly 96%, so i still get an A for effort, yeah? maybe i'll pick back up...

- i bought a pilates dvd with a little weighted ball, immediately bruised my spine, and so now it sits on my entertainment center while i sit on my sofa.

- i was doing really good with my diet and self control, then i ate like a pig to celebrate while on vacation for a weekend, then ate like a pig for comfort for a week despite a lack of appetite. now i'm having trouble getting back on track.

+ i got new shoes for spring. they're sandal-y and cute and comfy. now it's 50 degrees and rainy. this weekend is looking up, though.

+ i finally got a new bookcase for my living room, which was one of the final pieces of furniture we needed in order to prepare for our apartment therapy photo shoot. yes, we will be welcoming you into our home via the internet in about a month.

+ it is lunchtime. sloppy joes. mmm...

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tesia k said...

hey girly. let me know if you need any comrades on the will power front(god i just ate peanut butter pretzels for lunch)!! walks and what have you...maybe there is some yoga we can do equidistant betwixt ukie and logan.