Oct 2, 2007

random links:

- everything here is beautiful. especially this wallpaper.
- i heart the new design sponge site. re-bookmark it now.
- i'm slightly obsessed with piggy banks lately, and i really would love this jonathan adler one.
- small things have always been one of my favorite jewelry designers, and the new bits and pieces line is so wonderful. this ring (diamond, please) wants to be on my finger.
- i'm super into glammy gold jewelry lately, and this adorable little piece is one of my new lusts. oh etsy, why do you tempt me?
- everything at courtney skott is fantastic.
- my wonderful husband brought me back "vegetable ivory" earrings from his trip to london made by this woman. he done good. i'd also love to own a white ring. (hint hint)

i'm tired.

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