Oct 30, 2007

so i turned 28 today. and for the first time in my life, a birthday has actually made me feel older. 27 seems young and youthful and innocent, 28 is two years from 30. safe, mature, adult. not that i'm concerned or worried or saddened by this....it is actually really nice. i'm looking forward to an older more mature me, and today is the first day i really feel it. in a very good way.

i'm a material girl, i won't lie, so i love being showered with gifts on my birthday. so far i've received nummy truffles from a good friend of mine in maryland, yummy bath products from another good friend in virginia, some birthday cash from family (they know me well), an eames shell chair (two, actually, but that's a long story*) from my wonderful wonderful husband, and a 6.75 quart cherry red le creuset dutch oven on the way to me thanks to a generous gift certificate from my in-laws (who also know me well). life is pretty good.

and today: some twin baby time with my friend and her 2-1/2 week old little girls. tonight: hubb is taking me to the violet hour, of which i have only heard exceptional reviews. this weekend: jerry's sandwiches and some drinks and dancing with my friends. a girl couldn't ask for more, really.

so i'm having the best birthday ever so far, and i feel good things are to come in my 28th year of life. and i'm that much closer to 30, which, incidentally, will be my golden birthday. i plan to go all out in 2009, so get ready people. start stocking up on gold lame leggings and giant gold chains. i feel a costume party coming on, two years in the making. save the date and hire your babysitters now, friends.

thanks to everyone who has already (at 10:30 am) made this birthday very very special.

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