Jan 4, 2008

to do this weekend, in order of most probable:
  1. make a few more paintings for my etsy site.
  2. make caramelized onions for pizza party saturday night.
  3. cook something time consuming, warm and comforting.
  4. write thank you notes for christmas gifts.
  5. take some photos.
  6. take a long walk. (possibly in conjunction with #5)
  7. read.
  8. finalize new website.
  9. with hubb, write up travel budget for 2008.
  10. clean out closet.
as i traditionally tend to do, i purchased myself a few things this holiday season while shopping for friends and family (for the gifts i didn't make, that is.) i thought i'd share a few of the highlights:
  1. warioware touched, a new game for our nintendo ds. (just came today and can't wait to play it.)
  2. all about braising: the art of uncomplicated cooking. (not here yet, but can't wait to start making the recipes.)
  3. a custom girls best friend wallet from jennalou. this girl is amazing. and the wallet is wonderful and beautiful and perfect. i got a smaller one for my mom, and plan to have another one made for my mother in law's birthday.
  4. a simply vera wang dress from kohls. i was thrilled that they actually had size small in virginia stores, but after getting home i'm not exactly sure how i feel about it. the flowy wide cut garments seem to look better on tall thin ladies, not short and stout framed me.

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