Jan 24, 2008

today i am:

1. happy about my new amy ruppel purchase!
2. wishing i had bought two.
3. so so cold i wish i wore long johns.
4. anticipating jamie oliver's guinness + steak + cheese pie i was going to make last night but instead will be making this weekend.
5. still reeling from my bra fitting at intimacy.
6. really full from too much bread and soup at lunch.
7. excited about an upcoming post about my work on the apartment therapy nursery blog!
8. needing a change, something different.
9. thinking i should maybe leave the credit card in the wallet for a while.
10. considering becoming a nanny.


katie said...

wow, your work will be on an apartment therapy blog?! that's really exciting!

Hillary said...

i wore stretch pants under my jeans. i feel like a cow but my legs were warm.

Erielle said...

Omigosh I'm so HAPPY you found the link to Jamie's pie recipe! Nate and I watched that episode and I was so sad to find out that the Food Network didn't put the recipe up, after we had deleted the episode. But you found it!!! Why was it on epicurious? I was seriously in pain watching him make that, it looked so good.