Jun 5, 2008

how come every single summer i get sick? like winter cold flu like sick? like i want to bundle up on the sofa with tea and soup but it's 80 degrees outside and sunny which makes me even more miserable? it is terrible, i tell you. simply terrible.

so there's lots going on this summer despite my best efforts to have a relaxing and calm season. not much travel (for me, anyway) but lots of parties and weddings and get togethers and such. my social calendar is booming. no offense to my wonderful friends and family, but i want some time to myself, too. i have a laundry list (growing by the minute) of home improvements, gardening initiatives, crafts, recipes and weekend jaunts i'd like to start crossing off. plus a few painting commissions and some research into new venues to display and sell my art. any ideas?

even though chile was only less than two months ago, i'm feeling like i need another vacation. a real long vacation to somewhere exotic and magical. i've decided on paris for our next wedding anniversary. only 10 months to go, plenty of time to dream and save and plan and learn french.

a bientot, paris.

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