Feb 12, 2009

i came down with a bout of food poisoning related sickness last week. again. it was either guacamole at frontera, tom yum soup at a thai place near my work, chicken from a catered work lunch, or snacks at nacional 27. i am eating out too much. i don't know what it is about my stomach, but it's becoming rather sensitive. i'm generally a healthy eater, but for some reason my body is reacting rather violently every couple of months. maybe i'm just lucky.

i went to the doctor's office monday morning and when they weighed me the nurse said, "wow, you've lost a lot of weight since your last visit!" well, i've had food poisoning twice. that's one way to do it.

i'm back to normal this week, in time to taste some duck leg confit and duck rillettes in class. tasting continues to be my favorite part of this education.

we made roux on tuesday night, and for the first time i failed miserably. i've made roux and sauces plenty of times at home, but i guess i was having a terribly off night. overcooked, overfloured, and underthickened sauce. gross. hopefully i'll have my game back by next week.

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