May 10, 2010

my little brother is recently engaged and starting a new life near us in chicago. i love love love his fiance, we are becoming quite close and i think of her as the little sister i never had. i am so thrilled that she will be joining our family for good, and maybe even sooner than the summer 2012 wedding they originally planned for....

a few months ago i saw a contest for a dream wedding giveaway for an amazing wedding here in chicago this fall, on 11/11/10. phil and katelin planned on having their wedding in virginia, so i forwarded the contest link to katelin and asked her if she'd consider having their wedding here in chicago if it happened to be free. she entered and we all forgot about it. until this week when katelin received an email that she and phil made it to the top 10 semi-finalists!

i'm so excited for them i can barely stand it! aside from the fact that the wedding date is a mere 2 weeks after i am due to deliver our baby, I REALLY WANT THEM TO WIN! i will hobble down the aisle post delivery in a maternity bridesmaid dress with a crying baby if i have to! my brother is in law school, with loans piling up around his ears, and katelin just started a job here in chicago after being unemployed for many months. neither of our families have the means to pay for their true dream wedding, which is part of the reason they planned such a long engagement. winning this contest would change everything for them and help them begin their married life without the debt of a wedding looming over them.

the top 10 couples and their stories are featured on the contest website for people to vote on their favorite couple to narrow down the top 3, which will then be chosen by a selection committee later this month. SO! please please PLEASE vote for my little brother phil and his fabulous fiance katelin so they can start their married life together with a gorgeous (free) chicago wedding this november. you have one week! VOTE NOW!

just look at their cute faces! they are clearly the most adorable and deserving couple in the mix.


Hillary said...

OMG: they are totally winning right now!!! Eeee!

Hillary said...

BTW: I might have to wrangle an invite to it just to see this