Nov 14, 2003

i've recently discovered that i am a creature of habit. i'm lying, i always knew this, but i just recently found myself able to admit it out loud. i get into a routine of online shopping, depending on daily naps, eating too much, eating chocolate, etc, and i just can't stop. then i get really thrown off when i can't follow that routine. i have recently really upset myself by leaving my credit card at home, bringing a lunch consisting of v-8 and an orange with not a single sweet thing in sight, and letting my lunch hour slip away without taking my daily 15 minute nap.

so i went shopping last night, and today i give myself plenty of time for my nap at lunch, bring a york peppermint patty to satiate my sweet rotting teeth, and a nice well rounded lunch. after all of this careful planning i am appalled at some new library employee sitting in my...MY...lunch seat. everything is thrown off and i am lost. so i become engrossed in my book and find myself occasionally glaring at this girl and eventually wind up admiring her tupperware with a convenient little compartment in the lid for a fork. how cute is that?! i must get myself one. shit. 1:15. lunch over. no nap and a crushed peppermint patty in my purse.

so here i am with a newfound tupperware admiration and sleep-deprived candy cravings. at least i ate so much at lunch that i am now bloated and groggy. i need some stimulation.

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