Nov 25, 2003

Yeah, so I'm not as Susie Homemaker as I want to be. I mutilated my old Homecoming dress last night trying to turn it into the perfect quintessential holiday shirt. Now I have beautiful merlot colored scraps of satin. I might have enough to make a small camisole of some sort, but now I'm scared to touch the sewing machine again.

So on goes my never ending search for a versatile holiday top that I can recycle for three consecutive cocktail parties this year. I have wraps and pins to disguise it, to alter it the tiniest bit for each event, I just need the top! Damn shopping. I have been on this quest for weeks, but to no avail. I have less than two weeks (with Turkey Day and my trip to VA right in the middle) to find this perfect (hear angelic singing in the background) shirt. Not that this is really that important.....there are starving kids in Afghanistan and Africa who need food more than I need new clothes. But it's just the thought of finally finding this elusive item that is keeping me going.

craving of the day: unagi maki

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