Dec 5, 2003

I am in a perpetual state of anxiety waiting to hear from possible employers while trying to maintain a cool demeanor at my current workplace, which I am failing miserably at. I've been secretively yet desperately trying to bail out for more than two months, to no avail. It is obvious that I'm ready to leave. I've updated my job manual, even printed it into a tidy neat little book. I've finished all major projects that I've been putting off since being hired here, and have delayed the projects that I have no intention of ever completing. I just don't care. They can't fire me just because they know I'm looking for employment elsewhere, can they?

I have the easiest job on the planet, and isn't that a desirable position to be in? To be able to spend 85% of your workday doing personal things? It's been nice, being able to freshen up on my online shopping skills, to be able to read the newest headlines every hour, and I have found myself subscribing to all sorts of daily e-mails. (Word of the day: soup├žon.) I am way overpaid for what I actually do, but tragically underpaid for what I am capable of giving. I'm intellectually wasting away to nothing working here. I need stimulation and challenges. The most stimulation and challenge I get at this point is reading and filling out e-mailed surveys, which have been thankfully plentiful lately.

George Bush
Rich girls in Porshe SUVs who illegally park in handicapped spots
Electronic Music
People who don't use apostrophes correctly
Ignorant stupid people

Oh, and my job.

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