Dec 8, 2003

My 10 favorite things about today:

1. I wasn't too late to work today.
2. I got to eat ripe strawberries in December.
3. I accidentally ran across an old friend's e-mail address. I e-mailed her.
4. My very best friend told me I'm one of the only people in the world who can make her laugh. I always thought she was just easily amused, but it turns out that I'm actually funny.
5. My hair isn't too frizzy.
6. At least 4 people have said "I Love You" to me so far.
7. I discovered my favorite vanilla lotion in the bottomless depths of my tote bag. I thought it was gone for good.
8. The grapefruit I left in my office all weekend was still good enough to eat for lunch today, and I still had enough sugar to eat it with.
9. I found $5 more in my wallet than I thought I had.
10. All of my bitching and moaning has payed off and I landed a job interview for tomorrow!! Wish me luck!

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