Dec 11, 2003

Interview #1 on Tuesday went well. So well that I received a phone call a mere 4 hours after meeting with my possible employers, inviting me back for a second interview on Thursday (today.) This position carries more responsibility, a fantastic change of scenery, a bigger office, a bigger paycheck, an actual salary instead of an hourly wage, and a more professional environment. Today I am to meet with 4 new people who will determine my immediate employment fate. On Tuesday I was told that they were moving fast and wanted to make a decision by Friday (tomorrow) on who they want to fill this position. Wow. I had no idea things would move this fast. Now, I was also told during my phone call inviting me back that "This is a good thing. Not necessarily THE thing, we have another highly qualified candidate, but we are very interested in you." Not THE thing. Ok. But I still can't help getting overly excited about this, and I have already started planning my January calendar accordingly. I'm quite sure they're lying about the other candidate. My two weeks notice goes in on Monday, last day officially the day after Christmas, be back home on Monday the 29th, first day of new job possibly Friday, January 2nd, 2004. Of course, this is all speculation. Of course I can't get too giddy. But I feel confident that I look too cute today for them not to hire me, if only for office adornment. :)

Drug of the Day: Pepto Bismol for my butterfly laden stomach.

Breakfast of the Day: Stale cheese popcorn from the 25 pound tin gifted to me by a group of happy patrons. Good for my stomach, I'm sure.

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