Jan 21, 2004

Craig and I did laundry last weekend, and while transferring clean wet laundry to the driers, Craig found a ten dollar bill in the pocket of his soaking wet jeans. We dried the cash with my dainties and Craig made the required comment about laundering our money. Of all the things to find unexpectedly, money is my favorite. I once found a $100 bill at a gas station. I love to tell that story, though it isn't really much of a story. I found the crumpled up bill in a puddle of automobile fluids in front of a vacant pump. I shoved it in my pocket, bought my coffee with the fiver I brought in with me, and went back to work. After an hour or so I pulled the bill out of my pocket surprised to see two zeros at the end of the number one I was expecting. After deciding that finders were indeed keepers, I spent it at WalMart on back to college supplies.

I still scan the ground when I pump my gas.

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