Jan 9, 2004

hyp·o·crite ('hi-p&-"krit) noun: (1) a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion (2) emily

Last night I buy this book and today I succumb to the wonderland-like weather and overwhelming urge for something sweet into buying an adorable, albeit huge, snowflake shaped cookie with white frosting and purple and pink sprinkles. It must have weighed at least three pounds, and was still the smallest baked good in the coffee shop case. This fact alone proves that gluttony is openly acceptable in our society. And I, participating in this unhealthy afternoon snack ritual, can continue to be labeled as truly "American." I fear that the massive snowflake cookie will be my eventual downfall. It was a very tasty cookie, even if it was larger than my head. I have no remorse.

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