Jan 12, 2004

Impending boredom is narrowly averted this week with the addition of yours truly to a project allowing the use of one previously useless art degree. I sit in anticipation as I anxiously await the arrival of a brand spanking new Adobe Creative Suite Premium Package to be purchased especially for me and installed on my computer posthaste.

As exciting as this new project may be, I still find many means of wasting time online, and will not hesitate to put in two weeks notice should a new situation allow it.

5 Most Recent Frivolous Purchases (directly disobeying Resolution #3):
1. Chocolate Vivace lip gloss (A little disappointing considering how amazing the coconut flavor is)
2. Demeter Creme Brulee Pick Me Up Spray (Every bit as delectable as I dreamed)
3. An adorable little cowgirl magnet (I can't resist kitsch)
4. What Einstein Told His Cook, a book about kitchen science (This may actually prove useful, therefore not frivolous)
5. A future purchase this afternoon of some cosmetic product from Nordstrom (My coworkers and I are going on a makeup mission after work, and I can't be the only one leaving empty handed)

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