Mar 1, 2004

Ahhhhhh......60 degrees and partly cloudy. I'll take that for now. There's nothing like a little warmth and a gaze over Lake Michigan to brighten up the spirits. I can't wait for official springtime.

My top 7 favorite things about warm weather in Chi-town:
(I just couldn't narrow it down to 5, as hard as I tried.)

7. The smell of growing, blooming plants and warming lake water.
6. The infamous wind. I just love how I can get chilled goosebumps when I'm sitting in the shade on the lake on a 90 degree summer day.
5. Flip-flops. I absolutely lived in my Mella's last summer. I have a few fresh pairs waiting for spring and summer '04.
4. Festivals galore. From Halsted to Old Town, there's an outdoor festival for everyone.
3. Sunset euro-picnics with my hubby on the lakeshore.
2. Walks to and from work. (*note to self: must take full advantage of any and all fair weather before we move to a desolate and far away land outside of walking distance to my current place of employment.)
1. Weekday lunchtime - sitting on the lakeshore. It's a slow-going soothing temporary escape from work and life.

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