Mar 8, 2004

Bucktown provided no serious possibilities in the way of apartments, but we did manage to figure out exactly what to ask when calling about listings from now on. Next weekend: Lakeview, Lincoln Park and lofts.

Our perfect apartment (that probably doesn't exist):

- Under $1200/month
- More than 650 square feet
- 2 bedrooms or 1 bedroom and office (master at least 10x10)
- More than 2 feet of kitchen counter space
- Pantry
- Must allow our kitties to live with us
- No noisy backwards hat party boys living upstairs (or downstairs)
- Parking either easily accessible on the street or including a garage spot or lot space
- Washer/dryer in unit, or else shared between no more than 4 units
- separate dining/living rooms
- Direct sunlight in at least one window
- Ample storage/closets
- If possible: exposed brick/woodwork, built in hutch, dishwasher, stainless appliances

A highlight of the apartments we are not renting:

- Neon green/turquoise walls craphole
- "Awesome" Nacho smelling drafty back door house
- Attack dog 6'x6' bedroom apartment
- Teeny carpeted speed walking engineer un-loft
- Unstable deck coach house
- Gay lawyer tiny kitchen apartment
- Ugly stove/no laundry/no dining room but otherwise gorgeous garden apartment

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