Mar 9, 2004

I am an "A" student. I got a 92.5 on my exam last Monday! Woohoo! I am going to celebrate by taking a trip to the infamous communal dressing rooms (a major pet peeve of mine) at Loehmann's after work. In addition to rewarding myself for a job well done, a conservative shopping spree may be just the thing to boost my mood.

Why I need some cheering up:

1. I am STILL looking for a new job.
2. The dog upstairs is STILL jumping up and down every morning to wake me up.
3. I STILL have a headache from last week.
4. I am stressed over this whole apartment search thing.
5. My husband isn't coming home tonight after work.
6. I am having the worst cramps of my life. Being a woman is just not fun sometimes, so I will shop to make up for it.

Bitch session over. I promise.

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