Mar 25, 2004

The week is almost over, and as I reflect on the week in work I realize, this week I liked my job. Amazing. I guess it's the creative accomplishments that made it worthwhile and meaningful for me. First I published our new website which I redesigned and received positive feedback from my coworkers. Second I worked on more graphic design work for the committee I have recently joined, and have come up with a great looking new pamphlet for an upcoming exhibit. I finally got through to someone that we need to hire professional cleaners for our public space at least once a year instead of the two of us doing a poor dusting job every once in a while. (I did not go to college to dust.) I also finished up some simple yet time consuming projects that I've been procrastinating on for some time, and it feels great to have it all done. All of this and only one or two games of spider solitaire. The moral of this story: When I actually DO my job, I sometimes find I like it. Add "hard working" to resume.

I was creative and handy this week at home when I put together a kids toy box to make a new litter house for the cats. Now we have a tasteful natural wood cat out house instead of a huge plastic catbox. Add "ability to re-purpose children's furniture" to resume.

In order to come up with an obscene deposit for our new apartment, I am trying to stay on a month and a half long shopping fast. If you know me at all, you will know that this is not something I do well. The only thing I have succeeded in doing in this non-shopping state is create the longest list ever of things I absolutely beyond a doubt NEED TO HAVE. Among this list are queen sized sheets for the bed we don't have yet, new towels to aid in a new relaxing bathroom decor, perfect jeans (they never leave the list), and a really good massage. May first cannot get here fast enough.

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