Apr 30, 2004

Chicago is the place for movie sets this spring, with Ocean's Twelve, and The Weatherman crews taking over the streets of the town. Since I have recently moved into the city I have had the chance (along with thousands of other Chicagoans) to experience one of these sets while trying to decide on my new commute to work. Division Avenue has been selected as the site for an Ocean's Twelve scene and has been backed up for the last few days with gapers trying to catch glimpses of celebrities between the massive 16 wheelers and countless numbers of crew members lined up along at least 4 blocks on the north side of the street. After getting thoroughly irritated at the delay preventing my timely access to the Lake Shore Speedway, I became one of the slow moving distracted drivers myself and caught sight of Bernie Mac. Although I would have preferred Mr. Pitt or Mr. Clooney as my celebrity sighting of choice, I have had a lifelong lack of celebrities encounters, so I can't be picky. Bernie Mac was born and raised right down the road from the set, in Cabrini Green, the worst public housing failure of all time, and one of the landmarks on my new scenic one hour commute to work. (UPDATE: I'm a liar. This is false. Mac was raised in Woodlawn, not Cabrini.)

Who knows, maybe I'll run into Brad or George this weekend.

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