Apr 30, 2004

You know you've made a good choice in moving when on the last night in your old apartment the toilet won't stop flushing itself until the building engineer comes to replace some gasket, and in the process floods your bathroom with toilet water. Yes, I'm glad we moved.

Other than the outrageously painful pulled muscles and a ding right at eye level in the only piece of furniture we own that I care about, the move went surprisingly smooth. Everything went out of the old and into the new in about 6 hours, much better than the 9 hour marathon move in Craig and I experienced when moving from Virginia two years ago. Of course, we hired four extra large biceps to assist us this time, which was the smartest thing we've done in a while.

Five of the most memorable events of the last week:

5. Eva managing to hide in a closed cardboard box in an otherwise empty apartment, resulting in our assumption that someone had broken in and stolen one of our cats.
4. Stella shitting in the car on Lake Shore Drive.
3. The toilet flushing for half an hour while Craig and I sat in a boxed up living room eating Chinese food on the last night in our old apartment.
2. After 90 minutes of Brillo padding the kitchen, handing back the keys to our first apartment in Illinois.
1. Using the new dishwasher for the first time.

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