Jun 28, 2004

It figures: *no more job related posts after this one, I swear.

1. I've quit my job due to boredom, an insufficient paycheck and an overwhelming fear of technology and lack of progressive thought in my place of employment. So I've quit. Not one day after I quit, a new and exciting project working with state of the art technology is beginning, with me sitting alone in my office while my coworkers meet to discuss it and busily work with testing, contracts and policies. And apparently I've been approved for a brand new top of the line computer, with a flat screen monitor, which will be installed in my old office the Monday I start my NEW job. At least I'm still going on to a bigger and better paycheck.

2. After bitching and moaning about what a weird summer we've been having, forgetting the enjoyment I've been getting from driving with the windows down, and neglecting to think about the horrid sweat drenched walks I endured commuting home from work last summer, it is now getting warmer. Just in time for my new bipedal/public transportation commute. Goodbye air conditioned car and hello summer. They can't fire me for being sweaty, can they?

3. New job = bigger paycheck-to-be = new wardrobe = spending money = bigger bills = bigger paycheck-to-be doesn't make a difference.

4. My cute new shoes simultaneously look great while ripping and bruising my feet. Must...break...them...in...before...starting...new...job...aaahhhhggghg.

5. After working for two years with few lunch buddies (and often dwelling on that fact), I have quit my job. I've now had more offers for lunch dates in 4 days than I have in two years. Niiiice.

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