Jun 29, 2004


I'm ferociously getting my blog on, for fear of not being able to post for a while after I start my new employment. I'm enjoying it while I have it, filling up these pages with absent minded blabbering.

I keep glancing at my footnote for the opossum sighting, and keep reading furor as fuhrer, imagining a little baby opossum running down the side of the road with a little tiny Hitler on his back. Ok, I'm weird, but it keeps making me smile.

I seriously considered calling in sick today, or at least calling in late because I don't want to go to work anymore. Now all I can do is count down the minutes until I can take a walk on my lunch break. Damn.

I'm totally all decked out West Side Story-ish today, in my new loafers, rolled tight dark blue jeans and a little retro cotton short sleeved button up. I never ever dress thematically, but today I just felt it had to be done.

Yesterday I told a patron that I was leaving and he would need to talk to my co-worker for future assistance, and he replied, "Really? Wow, you just don't care at all anymore then, do you?" Like, what, since I quit my job I'm going to completely slack off and not give a shit? After getting all defensive and offended I now realize he was kind of right.

Eat here. Holy shit, it's so good. Their panang curry is my new favorite thing in the world. I promise you won't regret it.

On a related note, if you want me to forgive you for something or just give you a big wet kiss, show up at my door with a ukulele (which you may play for me) and panang curry from Roong. I'm yours.

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