Jun 23, 2004

My stomach was eased exactly at 5pm Monday when I received a reply to my e-mail in which I carefully inquired about the decision process and offered my unending availability for questions and comments. The reply: "I am very interested in offering you the position...I promise I will call you asap on your cell phone tomorrow...if there is an official offer to make...Human Resources...negotiations...discuss salary..." I was absolutely thrilled, and left work cheery and optimistic which carried over to my day off yesterday. The weather couldn't be better as I enjoyed a vacation day with my little brother, who returns to Virginia this afternoon. We went up to the Hancock observatory, visited the Art Institute Museum (Free Ford Tuesdays! Yay for American automobiles!), did some last minute shopping and enjoyed grilled burgers on the deck. I love my little brother, and I'm glad we had this chance to get to know each other again.

So today I continue to wait for the elusive phone call and offer, but at least I know that I am wanted and am the topic of "negotiations" between HR and my future (crossing fingers) boss. I'm still in knots waiting to hear something, but I'm past the nausea of simply not knowing what the deal is.

Benefits of the new position I look forward to:

- If I get what I asked for, almost a 25% increase in salary. Yay!
- A 50% decrease in my daily commute. Double Yay!
- Leaving the hell that is my current job! Triple Yay!
- Being someone's right hand woman.
- Helping to develop the workings of an office from scratch.

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