Jul 1, 2004

5 reasons today rules

1. My co-worker bringing in her little 5-week old baby girl, Ella. She is the most precious, beautiful, sweet little baby I have ever seen in my life, and made me all kinds of hormonal and motherly. She didn't cry when I held her, which ironically made me cry just a little bit.
2. Chicken salad sandwich and a Diet Coke with Lime on Lake Michigan.
3. Nearly finished with all of the getting-ready-to-leave-my-job nonsense. Next week will be a breeze.
4. After 265 pages, I'm finally really getting in to The Fountainhead. I went from liking all of the characters to hating all of the characters, and now I'm just interested as heck to see where they all end up. The character development in the book is phenomenal, which is why it is so damned long. Only 429 more pages to go.
5. One day closer to Friday and a three day weekend! Woohoo!

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