Jun 30, 2004

I am currently a useless lump. I'm falling asleep over my keyboard while my body vigorously attempts to digest the egg roll, hot and sour soup, beef with basil, watermelon freeze and HUGE raspberry brandy truffle I ingested during my "exit lunch" at Joy Yee's Noodles with my coworkers today. I'm not sure exactly why we went on my farewell lunch a week and a half before my last day, but whatever. I'm nauseated by the pan-asian stink infused in my jean jacket, but it's chilly willy in my office and I'm afraid I might get frostbite if I take it off. I tried to mask the stink with some perfume I found in my desk after my student assistant said I smelled like play dough (??) but it made it only worse. I scrounged around and found some Febreeze (you go, girl! Way to be prepared!) but to no avail. It isn't working. Does this stuff expire, or what? I don't know what it is about the restaurants in Evanston, but it seems like no matter where I go for lunch I end up back in my office over-stuffed and reeking to high heaven with evidence of where I dined. Next week I am taking a coworker to the Mt. Everest indian buffet to celebrate her birthday before I leave. I should definitely plan to shower upon returning to work. And nap.

Hopefully driving home with the windows down will lessen my stench. I just hope I don't fall asleep on the Lake Shore Drive.

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