Jul 15, 2004

Blogger never ceases to amaze me.  I love the constant changes and additions they are making to improve my blogging experience.  Google done some good, I tell ya.
First week working in the "Big City" almost finished. What have I discovered thus far?

Pleasant discoveries:

- Tutto Pronto. The BEST Italian deli ever. Delicious selection of pastas and veggies, pizza, wine, authentic jarred and canned goods. One word = Yum. One concern = My weight. Couldn't find a website for them. Sun dried tomato tortellini salad, caprese salad, roasted portabellos, etc. [drool]

- Lots of places to sit outside.

- Sushi and an Indian buffet within walking distance!

- Shopping shopping shopping.

Unpleasant discoveries:

- Tons of construction workers. All the time. With fine-tuned whistling skills.  Super.

- Playboy headquarters. Super-er.

- Three McDonalds within walking distance. Super-est.

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