Jul 13, 2004

Welcome to the wonderful world of REAL WORK! I'm so busy I can only find a second to let my three faithful readers know I am still alive, that my new job hasn't killed me yet...that I love it, despite the fact that I've already been chastised for my attire. (Flip flops are still flip flops, no matter what they are made of. I assumed Italian leather flip flops would be appropriate, but apparently I was wrong. If you're one of the new girls, you are told "No open-toed shoes." I need to go shopping because the two pairs of closed-toed shoes I own are blister-rific.)

I'm having a blast, love my office, and can't wait to finally get settled. I've jumped head first into a department that is being reorganized from the ground up, and that creates a lot of work for a self-starting organizer such as myself.

Public transportation, downtown lunches, open air offices, working a full 8-hour day, NO SANDALS, no windows...there is a lot to get used to in my new professional life. But I'm happy to do it.

Tonight: Euro picnic with the Hubb at the Grant Park Chicago Outdoor Film Festival to blow off steam and then home to dream about new shoes.

By the way, have I ever mentioned that I have the BEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD? The Elph is mine. Congratulations for acquiring a new job. I'm a happy happy wife. Pictures will come as soon as my life calms down. Or at least as soon as I install the photo software. Thank you, Hubby.

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