Jul 9, 2004

Craig and I, on a whim, flew hastily out of the house last night on our way to AT&T Wireless for a new phone plan and new toys. After two hours Craig finally had his long standing cell-phone lust satisfied with the Sony Ericsson T616, in all its camera able and polyphonic spendor. He'll be busy for days, as will I with my new Samsung X426, which I adore. We have our new toys, and are annoying our coworkers with our new ring tones and game noises, I'm sure. My cell phone now whinnies like a horse when someone is trying to reach me. Technology rules.


I love new toys. (or: I am easily amused with visual and audial stimulation.)
I'm a meat and potatoes kind of girl. (or: I should have had salad for lunch.)
I need new black capri pants. (or: Today's outfit is too big.)
Exit interview in 5 minutes. (or: Later Library.)

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