Aug 20, 2004

I can't say I was angry. And I can't say I wasn't jealous. But if the man sitting next to me on the bus tonight fell asleep on my shoulder one more time I can say I would have shoved as hard as I could to push him off the seat...if it weren't for The Unbearable Lightness of Being engrossing and shocking me with words of voiding bowels and sexing someone up with the crown of another someone's head. (I'm still trying to figure that out.) Completely against my character, I am thoroughly enjoying this book. It may be my favorite book ever. As long as the bowel-voiding talk ends soon. I may have had enough of that.

I've been waiting all week for tonight, if only for the chance to say "Thank effing god the week is finally effing over!" I've had a hard week, to say the least. Hormonal, tired, over-worked, not filling's been emotional. MORE guests arrive tomorrow from Big 'Ol Texas, to stay until Wednesday. It will be fun, but I have the busiest and most demanding week of my entire employment history waiting for me come Monday, so we'll see how I handle THAT. My boss has been on vacation for the past 5 days, and Monday begins a week-long busy-fest that preparing for has been a huge bear. I'll have to get used to showing up to work at 6:30 AM, so I apologize in advance for a lack of posts, and/or incoherent blabbering bitching and moaning about how tired I am. I have a strict prescription for dealing with days like those to come...espresso, chocolate, fatty food, more espresso, more chocolate, and and wine once I am in my pyjamas. I think I might need some bigger pants by the end of August.

I'm going out tonight. I'm going to look at art, eat sushi, drink loads of wine and liquor, mingle with friends until the wee hours, and sleep a soundless sleep before the fun begins tomorrow. Clean, entertain, entertain, entertain, work work work work work. As much as I bitch, I must admit that I've never had more fun in my life.

P.S. - I've had already started the wine-drinking portion of my evening, so please excuse my rambling. Thank you. And goodnight.

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