Aug 19, 2004

I want a doggie.

A small doggie that I can put in a tote bag and take to the park. A scruffy doggie that I don't have to take to the barber more often than I take myself. A quiet doggie that won't bark all day while I'm at work. A potty trained doggie that maybe hub or myself can take to work with us on occasion and one that we can trust at home while we are out. A friendly doggie that won't terrorize my precious kitties. A lovable doggie that will curl up with me on the sofa at night and watch the Food Network with me and fall asleep in my lap. A ferocious doggie when I need it to be, that will protect me when hubb is away. A calm doggie that I can take in the car on long road trips.

I also want a yard for my doggie to run around in and poop in and frolic in all day long.

I also want a million dollars.

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