Aug 9, 2004

I'm not away, just busy. Busy busy busy busy busy. I've never been so tired and busy. And tired. And irritable. And loving my job. And content. And happy. And hungry. I'm on a stress-filled roller coaster that is bringing my weight and my emotions along for an interesting ride.

We've had guest after guest after guest, with more on the way. I love seeing everyone, being the entertainer, going out, doing things...I'm just pooped. I know I'm not exerting myself to the point of not being able to handle it; I just need to get used to actually working for a living, being busy, doing things, and still living and enjoying life. Chocolate and coffee help.

My feet still hurt. I want to go to the beach. Anywhere. I miss my mom.

I'm definitely going to bed at 9 tonight.

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