Aug 11, 2004

Reading Fast Food Nation has ironically, hypocritically, and disgustingly made me crave french fries. It has also made me stop eating beef temporarily. I may very well never eat ground beef again. But I feel no pity for the potato, and it cannot kill me with E. coli, so I've been craving McDonald's fries for weeks. I don't crave and eat fast food very often, but the two McDonald's I pass on my way to and from work every day were calling my name for a taste of deep fried spud. Despite my recent acknowledgement of an additional 5 pounds on my frame, and a vow to return to a healthier diet, I stopped by the McDonald's on Chicago and Damen on my way home from work yesterday. I've been working hard, and I deserve a french fry every now and then. I took a deep breath, told myself "This is a one-time treat. The diet starts tomorrow," and opened the door. An elderly woman in a wheelchair was ordering a hamburger, so I stood behind her and waited, marveling at her perfectly curled white hair. The 16 year old boy behind the counter handed her some change and her bag and then asked me for my order. My small fry totaled $1.04. I handed the boy my dollar and reached into my change purse for some pennies. He smiled and said "Don't worry about it," closed the cash drawer and turned to grab my bag. As he turned back around he looked at the wheelchair bound woman who was starting to wheel herself towards the door to leave. Without hesitation he ran over to her, opened the inner door, walked into the entry way and held open the outer door for her, smiling the whole way. He quickly realized he was holding my order and apologized while quickly running to the counter to hand it to me. The whole exchange took maybe two minutes, but it brightened up my whole day. Friendly and helpful employees are not what fast food restaurants are generally known for, and it made me smile. I ate my fries while walking home, savoring them one at a time and being happy for the unexpected kindness I experienced at McDonald's.

The diet started today.

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