Aug 31, 2004

So I decided to stop fighting The Hair, and let The Wave flow. My weekend was a drizzly frizzy suburb shopping Saturday, big hair sushi dinner, 6 hour pinned back fly-away bike ride/arts fest, laundry lazy Sunday...and I was all about rocking the natural hairstyle. So Monday comes and I decide to wow my office with The Wave, and lo and behold, a construction worker specifically stopped me in the hallway just to say, "If you don't mind me saying," (I don't, believe me, I don't!) "I think you are incredibly beautiful." Teehee. Giggled thank you and my day has been considerably brightened. Flirts on the bus, at the bagel shop, in the hallway, the office, the farmer's market...I'm never picking up a hairbrush again if it's going to get me this kind of attention.

I also finally purchased a pair of adorable red, pointy, buckled, adorable, punk-rock (sort of) shoes that I've been lusting after for some time. Hubb approved the purchase, much to my delight, and I wore them to dinner Saturday and again to work on Monday. Maybe it was a combination of the hair and the shoes that made me glow and drove the construction worker wild yesterday. I should do a study of hairstyle and shoe combinations and the number of smiles and flirtatious exchanges I engage in throughout the day. What with my growing collection of footwear slowly taking over my closet, this could take some time. God I love shoes.

In other news: Hubb and I have initiated Thanksgiving vacation plans to visit our friend in Boston. Along the way we will hopefully be able to stop through Maryland and New Jersey to visit my two girlfriends from college, the latter who just bought a house and got engaged (I'm a bridesmaid again, yay!) and the former who is about to buy a home. I feel so uncool and behind the curve, content to rent for another couple of years to save money and pay off our debts. (Weddings are expensive.) While hubb and I feel that we are mature enough to handle all kinds of other life decisions and obstacles, we don't feel quite ready to purchase something so big and grand that we don't know the first thing about caring for. (How to fix a leaky roof? Beats me! Toilet needs to be taken apart? Don't even ask.) It's just hard for me to see my younger friends taking bigger steps than I am ready for. I guess it's just jealousy of their courage and maybe a touch of anxiety thinking about the responsibility and demands (physical and emotional, not to mention monetary) of home-ownership, which I am too selfish to deal with. Either way...I'm excited to see my close friends grow and thrive and take fearless steps towards being a grown up, and I respect them for it. I'm not quite there yet. The Wave and I don't want to grow up, we just want to have fun. And buy shoes.

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