Sep 1, 2004

so i get to work today and someone in my office is wearing the same shoes as me. nothing makes me want to go shopping at lunch more.

at least the wave is still holding out.

on the way home yesterday i banged up the peaches i bought at the farmer's market. they are all bruised and mushy now. screw it.

my little brother is at college. my alma mater. i worry about him and his i'm-too-busy-to-return-emails-from-my-family attitude. i imagine him lost and lonely and scared at a huge school, even though i know he's having the time of his life and probably already has a girlfriend. i want to send him calling cards and stamps and chocolate and a huge photo of me to make him feel my head. i need therapy.

my grandmother had surgery last week and i feel like a huge ass for not calling her yet. i sent her flowers so she would know we are thinking of her, but for some odd reason i keep putting off calling her. i'm such an ass with that. i'm sorry.

today is incredibly ho hum and blah. two and a half more days until my long awaited three day weekend! i've never wanted anything more. (except maybe this pair of shoes that i've ordered on three separate occasions in the WRONG SIZE.)

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