Oct 13, 2004

I get teased at work all the time because nearly all of my new clothes shopping takes place roughly between 11am and 2pm Monday through Friday. Quite a few lunch hours have been spent perusing local stores, and I have been quite lucky on the shopping front lately. I have often returned from "lunch" with a shopping bag or two, to the inquisitive comments and pryings of my co-workers, and an occasional "Christ, Emily, what did you buy TODAY?" (First of all, it's none of your business that shopping is my therapy. Second of all, I work on freaking Michigan Avenue and you expect me not to shop?! Third of all, shut up.) Today I came back with MY LUNCH and was drilled with "Did you buy some shoes?" "Did you buy a sweater?" "Did you buy some fishnet stockings?" (don't ask) "Did you buy a blouse?" The first thought I had was "Shut up". The second thought I had was "Blouse? Who says blouse?" So here I eat my soup and glance down at my shirt wondering if it qualifies as a member of the blouse family, like it doesn't and I should go out and buy one so I can be a member of the upper crust. But when I think of a "blouse" I think of a dark paisley silk poofy sleeved high necked pearl buttoned number with high waisted pleated pants a-la Murphy Brown. Ahh...more things to distract me from the pressing files stacking up on my desk.

So anyway, two weeks and a half to The Deadline, and oh, I'd say about 5% of the work is finished. 5% of the work that needs to be completed before I can begin my part. This is super. But at least my 250 hours of overtime at the end of the month will pay my credit card bill.

Yesterday was a milestone, celebrating my three month anniversary at work (yay, I'm keeping my job!) and my one and a half year wedding anniversary (yay, I'm staying married!). The first year and half of our married life together has just flown by, filled with so much exciting growth and change, and I can't wait to see what the next year and a half will bring. Married life is amazing, and I consider myself incredibly lucky to have found my true love so early in life. I won't verbally swoon too much here, because in 6 months we'll be celebrating our two year anniversary and I'm sure I'll be gushing all sorts of pink heart and candy and flowery mush. After 18 months, I can say one thing for certain: I totally *heart* my husband.

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