Oct 8, 2004

I'm thinking of eliminating the book lists to the right here. I think I just have them up there to make myself look smart. Not that reading Stephen King thrillers makes one smart...but I love to do me some book-readin'. I'm sure the list is quite boring and uninteresting to my three loyal readers, so off it will come in the near future. After I figure out something more exciting to add. Photos, I'm thinking. Photos.

To be honest, 6 of the 8 books I am currently reading right now put me to sleep within minutes. Although reading first thing in the morning on the warm cozy bus with less than half a cup of coffee may also be the sleep-inducing culprit, but I prefer to blame it on Dostoevsky (who coincidentally has the same birthday as me) and world history.

I'm also thinking of eliminating the quickly dying Footwear Friday postings. It was a fun idea, but I've run out of creativity. And shoes. Well, not really, I'm just not excited about it anymore. I keep forgetting to take photos of my feet, and I'm bored with it. So off it goes.

I'm tired and low-blood-sugared and grumpy at work today. I'm also feeling very very lazy. I don't even have the energy to shop. Or eat candy. Or search ebay. Well, maybe a little energy for shopping... I think it's the rain that is making me so blah. I'm REALLY looking forward to going home, putting on my pyjamas and curling up in front of the TV with a glass of wine, the cats and the hubb. That's my idea of a fabulous rainy Friday night.


But I really do love my job. Honest. I wouldn't leave right now for anything...(except maybe a job where I can shop all day and get pedicures and go to cooking school and have people clean my house and still get paid at least 50k) We'll just see if I still love it on November 02.

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