Oct 4, 2004

The Top 10 Reasons I'm a HUGE DORK

1. I didn't post a "Footwear Friday" post last week, and it preoccupied me all weekend.
2. I do a "horizontal dance" in bed with my husband, and it's totally literal. I honestly dance to the music on the radio while lying down in bed next to my husband, fully clothed.
3. I get super excited about herbs and spices.
4. I make different excel spreadsheets for holiday vacation options. (Holiday version A, B or C?)
5. I like to make up Weird Al Yankovic-style lyrics to techno-funk songs.
6. While dining out, I enjoy categorizing food by what I can make at home, what I don't want to make at home, what I am afraid to make at home, and what I don't know how to make at home.
7. I prefer online shopping to phsyical shopping.
8. I have running prioritized lists of things I would like to own, categorized by both price and desire.
9. I am in the process of reading at least 5 books at a time.
10. I made a list of how dorky I am.

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