Nov 24, 2004

How does one narrow down one's shoe collection enough to pack for 10 days and still fit clothes in the little tiny carry on suitcase? This is one of the most difficult decisions I've had to make in a long time. So many choices, so little space!

As I'm packing I realize that almost all of my clothes are black, white, and red. At least I've introduced the red to my black black black wardrobe. I don't always look like I'm dressed for a funeral anymore...

This year Thanksgiving it at my parents' house, and I'm super excited. Last year was the first year I've ever been away from my family on Thanksgiving, and it threw me into a tiny little frump because Thanksgiving went on without me. The Hubb's family was more than welcoming, my mom-in-law even letting me make the mashed potatoes and apple pie for dessert, but I missed my blood (and non-blood) relatives back at home. My family is huge, so Thanksgiving is always on Thursday, and I'm wondering this year if Hubb's family will wait to have the big meal until we arrive on Saturday since they are a small group. I kind of hope that they do, so we can have the family celebration and the turkey and the gravy twice. I'm really lucky to have such a huge extended awesome family.

My boss has announced that we can all leave early today! So I'm off at 3:00 to finish packing, try to find something green or blue to add to my suitcase, and "cook" dinner via the telephone and a carry out menu. In a rush to clean out the fridge, we're left with nothing for dinner tonight. Oh well, start the gluttony early, I say.

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