Nov 8, 2004

I had a dream last night that I was married to a friend from my past who was enlisted in the military, somewhere, somehow, and I wanted to find him so I could divorce him and marry my ex-boyfriend instead. For some odd reason much of this dream involved sneaking in and out of houses in affluent neighborhoods with the ex, attempting to procure a red bell pepper. During the entire episode, as is always the case when I dream of liking/marrying/kissing/etc. anyone other than the hubb, I was racked by terrible anxiety and guilt, and woke up with a sick ball in the pit of my stomach. I think there are probably a slew of unresolved issues floating around in there. I don't know how a bell pepper plays into that, but there you go. Dreams are odd.

I've been pretty successful on the weekend front lately, and seem to top each weekend's comfort, fun and adventure with the next. This last weekend consisted of a few extraordinary events/discoveries of note:

- buying a dvd of 8 Gumby episodes for $1. Yes, one dollar! Granted, the menu sucked, the packaging was cheap, and the entire dvd lasted only about 30 minutes, but I have no regrets for my one buck splurge. Hubb and I remembered Gumby making more sense when we were kids, and decided that the claymation skits would probably be quite amazing when one's thought process and senses are enhanced from smoking drugs of some sort.

- finally breaking down and purchasing two wonderful beauty products: 1. Benefit's Benetint. I adore Benefit's image, and had been intimidated and intrigued for some time by the dark red liquid. I finally gathered the courage to let the Benefit vixen at Marshall Field's try some out on me, and I'm totally hooked. 2. Origin's Cocoa Therapy Instant Chocolate Fix. Yum. I want to lick my wrists raw when I roll this stuff on. I promise it is an instant uplift, no matter how bummed and tired you may be. I'm a big fan of the whole line, and highly recommend it for a calorie-free chocolate bar replacement.

- lazy Sunday lounging, which we don't get to take part in very often. Hubb and I almost always book up our weekends with plans, but were able to take some time to sit around in our pyjamas, drink coffee and play with the cats for a couple of hours. It was incredibly refreshing and relaxing.

Despite going to bed before 10pm last night, I way over slept this morning and was almost 45 minutes late to work. With very little makeup and a no-time-to-do-my-hair-quick-pigtail-buns-updo, I have already received more compliments than I ever have when I have the full time to get myself ready in the morning. Either they're lying or I normally try way to hard.

I am consistently forgetting that I own a digital camera, and have nearly stopped bringing it with me on outings. I need to work on that so I have something more interesting to put here than accounts of my shopping sprees. Stay tuned.

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