Nov 18, 2004

The sofa, she is mine, all mine!! Well, she will be all mine in about 10 weeks when she's finished being upholstered. So much for having a grown-up living room in time for New Year's, but at least I'll be quietly lounging in style come Valentine's day sans crappy futon-esque creaking. Woohoo!

Today Hubb is away and I'm leaving work at 1:00 to let the fix-it man in to repair water damage in our bathroom and a few holes in the livingroom wall. It will be nice to have a few hours of down time at home this afternoon, but I wish my Hubb could be there with me. I act like he's gone for months and months when he'll be back by dinner tomorrow night. I guess that's what happens when you're madly in love. Today is the same as any other day, but knowing that he's on an airplane makes me miss him terribly. I don't know how military wives stay sane.

While getting dressed and made up this morning I was appalled at the terribly noticeable bags and dark circles under my eyes. I was prompted to inspect them by a coworker telling me that I either looked like I didn't feel good or was tired for the past week. And by George, I sure do look both. I guess it's the change in season and the business of work finally catching up with me. It's kind of sad, but I'm a little bit excited that the Hubb is away and I can go to sleep at 8 tonight. Hopefully my eyes will thank me.


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