Nov 17, 2004

Yeah, so, once upon a time I was young and pre-hormonal and only moody when I was tired or hungry. Then I grew up and became a "woman" and get to be moody when I'm tired, hungry, alone, with a group of people, shopping, cooking, getting ready in the morning, naked, clothed, at work, at home, and on vacations. And sometimes just because it's Wednesday. And now I get to live through days at a time when I can't stop eating even though I have no appetite, and when I can't decide if I want to cry, laugh, scream or kick someone, and suffer through all kinds of other nonsensical oxymorons of emotion. No, I'm not pregnant. I'm actually quite frightened to see what emotional stability will be left of me once I'm with child.

Fail-safe methods of pulling me out of a funk:

1. Shopping for underwear
2. Andes mints
3. A tall glass of wine
4. Flowers
5. Leave me alone in my kitchen with a recipe book and a fridge full of food

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