Nov 12, 2004

Why I'm smiling today:

1. I got paid today. Woohoo!
2. I have a dinner date with the Hubb tonight. I'm more than ready for a little weekend romance.
3. Tomorrow is the DIY Trunkshow. Everyone should go and buy lots of things and support our local craftspeople.
4. I'm wearing Jeans! At Work!
5. I'm also wearing sassy black stockings with my high heeled shoes. I feel a little slutty.
6. Despite waking up uber late, I arrived to work on time. A few minutes early, in fact.
7. A "Hey pretty girl..." from a bike messenger on the way to the train this morning. Totally made my day.
8. Talking smack with a coworker A about coworker B, and realizing that we are both thinking the exact same things. I don't feel like such an ass anymore.
9. I'm wearing my favorite pair of underwear.
10. It's finally Friday!

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