Nov 15, 2004

I became totally distracted this weekend by the overwhelming desire for a real, sturdy, solid couch instead of the futon we pretend is a couch, so I'm on a mission: save enough money in the next month in order to purchase a couch before a possible New Year's get-together. I may need to adopt a second job, sell my body, or have a GIANT bake sale to make this happen...or I can just stop buying shoes. Which will be difficult. But dammit, I want a new couch. I want it I want it I want it! I want this one. But not red. "Doe," a soft beigy grey.

I already have throw pillows for it. And lots of love. Lots and lots of love. I think I would look fabulous sitting on this baby. Simply fabulous.

Especially in my new LittleBlackDress and AdorableShoe holiday party outfit. I love these puppies.

Yeah, so I had my sofa epiphany AFTER I bought the shoes, so shut up. Starting today, I'm putting the shoe buying on hold. I swear.

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