Dec 16, 2004

I found it: New Year's Resolutions for 2004. How did I do?

1. Get in shape. Nope. Well...a little bit. I am slightly more svelte than I was last year...even getting back down to my pre-college weight for a few days during 2004. I have nearly eliminated all fast food from my diet (nearly, not completely), I exercise occasionally...I rode my bike at least 3 times...but as noted in my previous entry, I'm packing it back on just in time for the last few days of the year. I give myself a 50% with a chance for further improvement.
2. Be less judgmental, less critical, and more accepting of others. Yes and no. I've learned to forgive others, ignore faults, and accept people for who they are, but the critical thing could still use some work. I give myself a 65% for this one.
3. Monthly budget. Don't ask. Probably a -10% if you must know.
4. Find better employment. Finally! 100% accomplished! For those of you who new me last year, you know that my employment search was a nightmare, and in July I finally made the move. I couldn't be happier. Unless I was independently wealthy. And in culinary school.
5. Be more adventurous. I'd say 85%. I moved into the city (gasp!), got a new job, tackled New York City and stayed out past midnight at least a dozen times in 2004. If that's not adventure, I don't know what is.

2005 is the year to be Awesome. And repetitive. And awesome.

1. Get in shape. See Universal Resolution from last year. I'm not worried so much about my diet, as I normally make a point to eat pretty healthy anyway. It's more about exercising. At least a little bit.
2. Be less judgmental, less critical...blah blah blah.
3. Cut up credit cards, give up shopping online, no more shoes, no more cosmetics or bath and body products, no more decorations for the house, no more kitchen wares, no more pyjamas, underwear, sweaters, camisoles, scarves, hats, socks, no more books, purses, chatchkas...oh my god 2005 is going to suck. But seriously, being in debt sucks and we want to buy a house someday, so I vow to spend more money paying off loans and less on new crap. The wedding and the car will be significantly paid down by 2006. Or else I'll be making the same damned resolution for the third time next year.
4. Be more crafty. I've been ignoring my creative side (other than in the kitchen) practically since college, and it's time to get back into something, anything that will help me blow off steam and make my mind work in different ways. Projects, projects, projects. Time to pull out the sewing machine, the glue gun and the paintbrushes. And Hubb and I WILL paint the canvas that has been sitting in the corner of our living room for 6 months.
5. Be less controlling of my kitchen domain, and let Hubb do some cooking. Wine drinking will be a necessary part of this resolution, as well as doing crafts to keep me occupied. Two resolutions in one! 2005 is also the year to multitask!

There are a few weeks at the end of each year when I begin to make the transition to a new datebook by carrying around the old one for immediate appointments and reference, and the new one for future engagements and notes. The prospect of change is exciting to me in that I have a new bright clean blank slate to work with, void of scribbles and white out and receipts stuck in the pages. It is intimidating to me in that I know I will soon be putting the old book, with all of the notes and ideas and phone numbers and appointments, away in the darkness of my closet only to be tossed in the trashcan the following year. I used to carry both my datebook and a little spiral bound notebook with me everywhere, but this year I am combining the two. So until the first of January I carry three, the old datebook, the old sketchbook and the new date/sketch book. The transition from two to one will be difficult, even more so as I browse through my old sketchbook trying to decide which bits of information to transfer to the new book. This is a sensitive and arduous task, but it must be done.

This past year has delivered many surprises, many happy moments, a few upsetting ones, but was a pretty good year all around. I'm working on my second annual list of what the past year has taught me. Stay tuned for that one.

I really need a journal rather than a blog...

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