Dec 15, 2004

This week is going by so incredibly slowly I can't stand it. I feel like each day is Friday, but I'm sadly mistaken when I look at the calendar. Damn the people in my office who thought it would be a good idea to have the Christmas party on Monday's messing with my internal clock!

I've been finishing up the Christmas shopping this week during lunch, venturing into the cold and wind...working on the lake is providing flurries each day, which adds to the Christmasy feel and makes me smile, chapped lips, frozen cheeks and all.

Walking to Michigan Avenue yesterday brought me by a park filled with unusually fluffy puffy pigeons all fattened up and cooing and huge. It made me smile for some reason, probably because I compared their rotund little bellies with my own, as I pack on the annual extra pound or two for protection against the elements. I don't mind it so much this year, which is strange.

16 days left in 2004 and I've completely forgotten what my resolutions were last year. I guess that's a good thing, as now I have no clue whether or not I've accomplished anything. This year I'll write them down. Maybe I did last year?? I'll have to browse back through this thing and check.

Oooh...I'm off to the Indian buffet with my coworker. I'm obviously not saving up calories for Christmas.

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