Dec 9, 2004

I'm still recovering from the madness that was our trip. Bronchitis and a pulled knee kept me home on Tuesday, and in a medicated sleepy coma yesterday and today. I can barely think let alone write a thrilling tale of my adventures. Words that do not come so easily to me on a healthy sober state are failing me right now. I'm feeling much better, and hopefully will be more so by tomorrow night, the start of our Holiday Festivities at the first of many Christmas parties. I have the little black dress, new shoes and new "designer" handbag (thank you New York City!) and I'm ready to party...almost. I just need to finish getting over this last hump of exhaustion with a good night's sleep and cough up a few more huge globs of ickiness and I'll be just fine. With the help of a few holiday cocktails, of course.

I started my Christmas shopping after work yesterday, but the rest of my list is really stressing me out. I know what I'm getting most people and where to get it, it's just a matter of going out and assembling everything and getting over the guilt of pulling out the credit cards again and again. And there are always those 2 or 3 people who I draw blanks for when thinking of gift ideas. I'll think of something. I have no choice. I had a pretty successful run last night, however, stumbling upon the perfect gifts for almost 5 of my family and friends. Hurrah! And I surprised myself by purchasing a pair of uncharacteristically emily fishnet stockings which I plan to accompany one of my holiday party outfits. I feel a little naughty and it feels good.

Now for some photos. I had an amazing time and give my whole hearted thanks to everyone who entertained and housed us during our trip, both family and friends. (And friends I think of as family!) Now, less talk and more pictures:

The Brooklyn Bridge from an accidental amazingly awesome view. Finding our way to the water from Chinatown was interesting, but the the trek was totally worth it.

The B-Bridge part 2. Brooklyn attached to Manhattan island by bridges.

Central Park on a beautiful yet previously rainy day. The sun came out just for us.

C-Park part 2. Mazes of paths and bridges and rocks and ponds, I fell in love with Central Park and it's serene vacation from the bustling streets.

The museum which happened to be closed on the day we visited. D'oh!

Blurry Liberty at Sunset. The most amazing view I could have hoped for. And the most deadly winds I could have done without. No matter how hard I tried I just couldn't hold the damned camera still.

I am quite proud to boast that I had the NYC Subway system totally under control. We didn't get on the wrong train, go the wrong way, or miss a single stop once while gallivanting up and down Manhattan. The colors, letters, and numbers baffled me before we left, but I quickly mastered them to get our full 24-hours worth of NYC.

Boston is a city with so much rich history, we had to make a trip to a graveyard. I found it fascinating that circa 1800 gravestones portrayed skulls and images of death while the circa 1900 gravestones of my recent Chicago Graceland Cemetery concentrated on peace and life.

Sunset in the sky. On our way home with an incredibly peaceful view.

And we're home.

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